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Guardian Program

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Here at SOUTHERN MEADOWS we are committed to provide the best life possible for all of our dogs including our select breeding dogs.   This is why we have instituted a Guardian Home Program  which is designed to allow us to continue to have all of our select breeding dogs live in loving home's. We do not kennel our breeding dogs and we can't have all of them in our home so we carefully select families that can provide guardian homes for our dogs. This will benefit the puppy, the guardian home, and us the breeder. It is our goal to successfully further and develop our lines while having our breeding dogs live in a family environment. We have found that the Guardian Home Program is the best way to accomplish this. This is a very unique program that allows our breeding dogs to live as much loved family members with our locally selected families while participating in our breeding program. This is our way of ensuring that our breeding dogs live with their families in forever homes and still participate in the future development of the breed under our watchful eye. We can’t thank our families enough for the important role they play in the future of the Australian Labradoodle and SOUTHERN MEADOWS program. We are very passionate about what we do and love our dogs dearly, but since we can't have all of them in our home we carefully select families that can provide guardian homes for our dogs that will be their forever homes.

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Guardian Home Details

  • Cost Savings
  • Contribution to the Future of the Breed
  • Pick of the Litter

Australian Labradoodle cutest puppies.SOUTHERN MEADOWS

Guardian Home Program Requirements

  • Live within 60 miles from our home (Decatur, AL.)
  • Own your home
  • Fenced in yard
  • Dog on leash at all times when outside the home or fenced yard
  • Must be indoor pet
  • Flexible Schedule that allows puppy to not be alone more than 4hr's at a time
  • Transport puppy to us for health testing & breeding
  • Feed the food & supplement we require & recommend
  • Training completed & certified
  • Monthly photos
  • Professional Grooming according to the approved cut (every 6-8 weeks)
  • Vaccinations as we outline
  • Socialization & a lot of LOVE

The above requirements are to look out for the health, safety, and over all well being of each of our dogs. Most things on the list are things you would do if you purchased one outright. If you feel you are able to meet all of the above requirements, please click below to fill out an application and we will then schedule a time to discuss on a call.

*** We are currently looking for a Guardian Home for our adorable "Bailey" who will be ready for her forever home very soon!***