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What type of health testing does SOUTHERN MEADOWS do on their dogs?

All our breeding doggies have been registered for breeding with the Australian Labradoodle Club of America (ALCA) after passing all health screenings. Breeding requirements such as OFA screening hips , elbows, patellas, heart, as well as a CERF eye exam performed by a canine ophthalmologist. We also have a full Essential Panel with Paw Prints Genetics performed for each of our breeding dogs. Our breeding focus is on temperament, body structure and health standards. Our goal is to produce the best puppy possible.

All of the health testing results for our dogs can be found on the "Our Dogs" page of our website.

How much does a SOUTHERN MEADOWS Australian Labradoodle cost?

Our puppies are $3,000 (total) on a spay/neuter/non breeding (a vasectomy or ovary sparing spay are acceptable and encouraged) agreement. Our reservation fee is a non-refundable $500 and that will hold a spot on the litter of your choice. We accept 5-6 deposits on each litter prior to being born and will start a waiting list for any additional puppies after they're born or for future litters. Full payment is due by 6 weeks of age. Reservation lists fill fast and are normally booked months in advance, our spaces cannot be reserved until the fee has been received by us, since we receive so many inquires, we cannot hold spaces without a deposit.


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