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We Are The Tyrka Family

 We live in the Tennessee Valley of North Alabama in the small town of Decatur. We have three daughters and one son. SOUTHERN MEADOWS Australian Labradoodles is a breeder of multi-generation miniature and medium size Australian Labradoodles. All of our children homeschool which allows them to experience the joy of puppies! We are all very close and this allows us to spend time together.  We all are huge animal lovers! We love visiting zoo's, watching sports, beaching, visiting national parks, and road-trips. 

For two year's we have been serving families by helping them find their new best friend. We love caring and connecting our Australian Labradoodle puppies with furever families who will cherish them, just as we do. All of our dog's live in our home with us. We provide care for your fur baby as if they were our own, and ensure they receive the highest quality care until you take them home.

family time





One reason that we love our Australian Doodles so much, is the amazing bond and strong connection they have with our littles.





They know when they are sad, not feeling well, need some extra love, companionship, or just a rainy afternoon nap pal.



We love to explore whether it is in our backyard,  our small town, national parks, or road trips. What better trip can you take then one with the DOOD'S they absolutely love to walk, hike, run, and ride in the car. Some of our DOOD's love to take a swim in the pool.




Raising  confident and secure puppies start's in the very first day's of the puppies life.  Training is very important to us and  it is also one of our children's favorite things to do with the puppies and our dogs. It helps build rewarding  relationships with each of our doodles! It is a positive experience for all involved We are so proud of our kids and smart puppies! Training takes hard work and continued dedication. The happiness and joy that comes when we achieve our goal of teaching new tricks, behaviors, commands, and especially awards is so encouraging to us all.!


Each of our Dog's have continued education to build and strengthen behaviors. 


 All of our Dog's here at Southern Meadows are certified Canine Good Citizen 's. 


Rory the Authentic Australian Labradoodle Puppies


 In the early days, the Australian Labradoodle was simply a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Standard Poodle.  Dogs from this cross typically were bred to each other over future generations, whereby the Australian dogs are also know as "Multi-generational" Labradoodles.  The breed was first developed in Australia in the 1970’s when the Royal Guide Dog Association of Australia was working to create an allergy friendly guide dog and has since become a popular pet due to the allergy friendly and low to no shed coat coupled with an easy going, friendly disposition.

Word spread on the assets of this new breed, and breeders in Australia started to work with the idea of improving and refining the breed. Soon breeders from around the globe joined in to develop the Australian Labradoodle we all know and love today.



People seek Australian Labradoodles as they are known to have endearing personalities, highly social with their humans, not prone to shedding with allergy friendly coats. Social, smart and affectionate, the breed is sought after as a pet as well as a therapy and service dog and is also known to be easy to train, intuitive and loyal. Moderately active and athletic, your labradoodle may well love to hike, swim and play fetch and enjoys daily mental stimulation. Besides being a wonderful family companion, service roles labradoodles are used for seizure alert, diabetic alert, service,  and therapy work. The labradoodle is also a desirable dog for sporting and agility competitions. They also love children making them a great choice for families. 

In the Age of Anxiety, Australian labradoodles are what we need: a therapy dog. An upbeat dog who is full of energy to run and play outside and knows how to be quiet inside; a dog in sync with people’s feelings, who enjoys being trained, who wants to please. Sociable, huggable, intelligent, funny, and intuitive: this is modern-day man's best friend.​