Alabama's first breeder of Authentic Australian Labradoodles

We are now accepting deposits for our 2020 planned litters of Australian Labradoodle puppies. Reservation lists fill up fast and can be booked months in advance for 

our Australian Labradoodles.

For information on our puppy adoption fee and to review our puppy adoption process click below.

Izzy & Corduroy

Wagging Tail's Eliza "IZZY" Jane

Wagging Tail's Eliza "IZZY" Jane

Wagging Tail's Eliza "IZZY" Jane


Wagging Tail's Corduroy

Wagging Tail's Eliza "IZZY" Jane

Wagging Tail's Eliza "IZZY" Jane


  1. Breeder-Starnes
  2. Chamness
  3. Money
  4. Whitmer

Corduroy  is owned by our friend's at Wagging Tail.  He is a gorgeous  boy. He  has a soft silky fleece coat and a mellow temperament.  He is such a sweet and smart boy.  He is clear on all genetic testing.  We are very excited to see this litter of beautiful mini labradoodle puppies that these two will produce.

  • Planned Breeding -March 2020
  • Puppies Due - May 2020
  • Size - Minis, approximately 18-25 lbs.
  • Colors  - Reds, Caramels, with White mismarks

rory & TBD

Sundance's "RORY" Arizona

Sundance's "RORY" Arizona

Sundance's "RORY" Arizona



Sundance's "RORY" Arizona

Sundance's "RORY" Arizona


Details coming soon about these Australian Labradoodle puppies

  1. Breeder Pick
  2. Breeder Pick


  • Planned Breeding - Summer 2020
  • Puppies Due - Fall 2020
  • Size - Medium, approximately 25-35 lbs.
  • Colors  - Reds, Caramels, with White mismarks



Step by Step

Our puppy  fee is $3,000. A $500 non-refundable deposit will hold your place to pick your puppy, this is required after your application has been approved.   The balance is due before puppies are 6 weeks old.  Reservation lists fill up fast and book months in advance.  SOUTHERN MEADOWS Australian Labradoodles reserves the right to retain any puppy for future breeding purposes.

Ready for a SOUTHERN MEADOWS Australian Labradoodle Puppy! 

 Below are the steps!

  1. To  start the process, complete the “Puppy Application”by clicking on the link below.  The purpose of the application is to help us find you the best puppy for your family. We base this on temperament first.  We will take your preferences into consideration (size, color, gender) but cannot guarantee we will have your exact match.  Personality is very important, so we will work together to find the best match for your family
  2. Once we have reviewed your application, we will contact you within 48 hours to discuss and answer any questions. 
  3. When we approve your application, submit your $500 deposit using                            Venmo:    TimandDanielle-Tyrka     or        PayPal:  PayPal.Me/Tyrka                               If using Paypal, submit using the "Sending to a Friend" method to avoid PayPal fees. 
  4.  Once you have submitted the $500 deposit, your spot is reserved.
  5. When puppies are born, we will send notification by email. We will also update our social media sites so you can follow the puppies.
  6. The remaining balance is due before puppies are 6 weeks old weeks of age. Puppy selections will be finalized at this point.
  7. Puppies are typically ready for pick up at 8 weeks.

If you have questions at any time during the puppy adoption process please send us an email at or give us a call at (256) 214-6816.  We are always happy and eager to answer your questions.



Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Payment  includes a 3% Paypal Fee. To avoid fee please contact for address to send a check.

Additional Information

Please understand that Mother Nature plays a role in our breeding program.  As a result, sometimes the breeding does not turn out as planned due to the following reasons:  

  • The timing of a heat cycle may not occur as predicted.  Our anticipated litters are based on our females having a normal heat cycle once every six months.  
  • It may be necessary to use a different stud than originally planned due to the unavailability of a stud or other unforeseen circumstances related to the pairing.
  • Sometimes a breeding may not produce a pregnancy and it may be necessary to replace an upcoming litter with an entirely different pairing all together.
  • A breeding may produce fewer puppies than anticipated, which would necessitate us moving deposits on our waiting list to another litter.

SOUTHERN MEADOWS reserves the right to use a different stud than originally planned.  If we use a different stud or have to change a future pairing, we will make every effort to arrange a breeding that will produce puppies with similar colors and sizes when possible.