Alabama's first breeder of Authentic Australian Labradoodles


 Each one of our Australian Labradoodles dogs are members of our family. They sleep in our home with us. We love each one of their individual personalities and having them as part of our family. All of our dogs are ALCA (Australian Labradoodle Club of America) & 

WALA (Worldwide Australian Larbadoodle Association) registered and will have all proper health testings (genetic dna, hips, eyes, and elbows) prior to breeding.  

It is our goal to have healthy and well behaved breeding dogs and produce the best puppies possible. While our puppies are in our care, we feed and give them the best care possible to grow into strong and healthy pets for years to come. Our goal is to have every breeding dog certified a Canine Good Citizen 

CGC training creates long-lasting trust between us and our pups. It also ensures they will be good neighbors and friends to everyone around. The obedience training they learn is key to them having a solid start. We our dedicated to continuing training

 throughout the lives of our dogs as to promote a well behaved, good tempered dog. They are raised with much love by our family and it is our hope they provide you with the same joy. 



ALCA # 257-02102019-006-LB1

WALA # WALA00029784

DOB: 2/10/19

Color: Caramel w/ white mismarks

Coat: Wavy Fleece

Size: Mini Height: 14" Weight: 16 lbs

Sire: Royal Cowboy 

Dam: Wagging Tail's Penelope

CERF: OFA Clear/Normal

EIC - PRA -  vWD: Normal/Clear

DM - IC: Normal/Clear

Hips: OFA Prelim - Excellent

Elbows: OFA Prelim - Normal

Izzy has a wavy fleece coat that is pillow soft. She  loves to snuggle, has the sweetest personality, and is super gentle. She has stunning hazel eyes, a gorgeous liver nose, and the cutest long floppy ears. She has cotton white paws with a strip on her chest, top of her head, around her nose, and at the end of her tail. She love's to play with her sisters but also love's to snuggle up with us on the couch during movie nights. She has a super chill temperament that has all of our friends wanting to take her home. It's really hard to put into word's but "everyone" want's an "Izzy" our mini Australian Labradoodles, she is truly the sweetest little dog-ever! Everyone says that she doesn't even look real she looks like a stuffed animal. We take her everywhere we go and she is always well behaved, extremely confident, and always ready to make a new friend. 

Sundance's "RORY" Arizona


ALCA # 323-05012019-005-LB1

WALA # WALA00029785

DOB: 5/1/19

Color: Caramel w/ white mismarks

Coat: Wavy Fleece

Size: Medium Height: 15" Weight: 17lbs

Sire: Sundance's Huckleberry

Dam: Sundance's Ivy

CERF: OFA Clear/Normal

EIC - PRA - vWD: Normal/Clear

DM - IC: Normal/Clear

Hips: OFA Prelim - Fair/Normal

Elbows: OFA Prelim - Normal

Rory has a super soft wavy fleece caramel redcoat. She has a white strip that starts on her chin and goes down her chest. She loves to go for walks, play fetch, do tricks and is a quick learner. She is a super relaxed Australian Labradoodles with the sweetest personality and likes to chill with the family and is the perfect snuggle buddy. Rory always get's compliments form the vet and our groomer on just how well behaved she is. She has and excellent demeanor and has the  Sweet SOUTHERN Charm that wins everyone over. She loves to lay her chin on your shoulder and she is a pro at melting hearts with her big puppy eyes. She is our little sock thief and she really loves to be cradled like a little baby.


ALCA # pending

WALA # WALA00036007

DOB: 11/25/19

Color: Caramel with white mismarks

Coat: Wavy Fleece

Size: Medium

Height: Still growing

Weight:  12 lbs

Sire: High Country's Lil Red

Dam: Jubilee Leena

Testing Results Coming Soon

This girl is super laid back and is currently in training with our youngest. She is currently going thru BAXTER and Bella training methods. Our littles are also providing plenty of socialization, cuddleization, FUN, and love. Yes, this puppy is spoiled rotten, but stay tuned to learn more about this Jewel and her amazing CHILL personality. She is an absolute doll-